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ParkZona is a new website with domain parking system, very easy to use and to make money online.

You have domains that you do not use and you have traffic in those domains, then is the ideal solution to make money from those domains that you do not use. The system is a very easy to use and secure system to park your domains. The new system allows you to place your own ads, and you can earn revenue from your ads. In ParkZona you can add your domains you want to park, but also your ads will appear in the domains you have parked. You can choose the ads from affiliates or from different companies.

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What Are The Advantages

Why ParkZona
ParkZona is the first website that allows you to place your ads for your domains, you can park your domains, also add your ads, to promote your website, or using affiliate marketing system, the solution is yours .
Domain Parking
If you have domains that have traffic and you still do not know how to earn from domains, then you have the opportunity to add these domains to ParkZona and park your domains, then ParkZona is the solution for you to place ads yours.
We offer support 24/7 every day in case you need help with how ParkZona works, or for any other issue, you can also create a ticket in contact form, we will respond to you within 24 hours.
In ParkZona the data is real-time, you can see the data for clicks on your ads, and you can integrate google analytics, to see visitors in real time, from which countries are visiting your domains. In ParkZona you can park unlimited domains, and you can place unlimited ads in 728x90px or 160x600px format, you can add ads with photos or codes.

Frequently asked questions

On other websites you can park domains, but in your domains ads are displayed by the company itself, that you add those domains, and you only earn from clicks on ads. While in ParkZona you can park your domains, but you also can add your own ads, you can also earn from affiliate marketing, promoting various products.

For every click made on the ads from the domains you have parked, the data is displayed in real time. You can integrate google analytics to see visitors in real time, but ad clicks will also appear on the user dashboard.

Yes, you can sell your domains, as any domain parked in ParkZona has the option to accept offers, you can view offers directly in ParkZona, then you can only sell domains using Since the sale of domains is not done directly by ParkZona. ParkZona does not have an escrow domain sales system, in ParkZona you will only receive the offer for the domain, the buyer's email amount as well as the phone number, then you have to contact the buyer, and once you agree you can use this website to sell your domain. Do not sell domains without using ESCROW.

In ParkZona, only these two formats are allowed, one format is 728x90px at the top or bottom, and the other format is 160x600px on the left or right side.

In ParkZona you can add your own ads, with photos or you can add them with codes, where you can use different affiliates, or put your own codes that you want to use.

ParkZona does not pay you for clicks on ads, but you will earn revenue from your ads, from the companies you promote in your parked domains. Once in ParkZona you place your ads.

When you park your domains it has the option to integrate google analytics, the option is to Park Domain > Add Domain Button > and set your google analytics. Then you can see how many visitors have clicked on your domains.

In ParkZona you can park unlimited domains, you can park domains only with letters or numbers, but not with characters or IDN domains. Examples like these domains can not be parked on ParkZona ö 納 or IDN domains.

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ParkZona is the newest and most advanced domain parking system.