ParkZona Domain Parking With Affiliate System

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ParkZona is a new website with domain parking system, very easy to use and to make money online.

ParkZona with domain parking works with affiliate system, for every sale made from your domain, you earn money in percentage, we have integrated four companies for affiliate marketing. The domain parking system works on the basis of sales, for each domain you have placed in domain parking, the report is presented in your account in the click tracking option in case you have clicks on ads, and every 24 hours the reports are displayed, how much money you have earned from domains you have parked.

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What Are The Advantages

Why ParkZona
ParkZona is the first website that offers this system, which is domain parking with affiliate marketing, it is a very easy to use system and very simple, and very safe to use.
Domain Parking
For every sale made by the domains you have parked, you earn money with a percentage of up to 40%. From these affiliate companies we use Aliexpress, Amazon, NordVpn and
We offer support 24/7 every day in case you need help with how ParkZona works, or for any other issue, you can also create a ticket in contact form, we will respond to you within 24 hours.
ParkZona is very safe to use, you can park unlimited domains, and you can see statistics on ad clicks, you can see how much you have earned from sales, usually for sales data is updated every 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

ParkZona has a different system, so it does not pay for clicks on ads, views, or impressions. ParkZona only pays for sales made by domains you have parked.

For every click made on the ads from the domains you have parked, the data is displayed in real time.Which domain the ad was clicked on, at what time, and from which affiliate company the ad was clicked.

ParkZona pays a percentage of up to 40% for each successful sale made, if a $100 product is sold or service, you earn 40% of the profit of that product sold or service.

All payments are made every week after payments to affiliate partners are confirmed. We pay only with paypal or bank transfer. So only with these two can we make payments. Payment is made when you make a withdrawal request, after 1 week after the payment is confirmed by our affiliate partners that we use. The minimum amount to withdraw in ParkZona is 5$.

When you park your domains it has the option to integrate google analytics, the option is to Park Domain > Add Domain Button > and set your google analytics. Then you can see how many visitors have clicked on your domains.

In ParkZona you can park unlimited domains, you can park domains only with letters or numbers, but not with characters or IDN domains. Examples like these can not be parked, due to the affiliate system. ö 納 or IDN domains.

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ParkZona is the newest and most advanced affiliate marketing system.