How it works ParkZona?  

The data are being processed and will be ready soon, as we have changed the domain parking system. But you can use the website as it is ready to use.


ParkZona has the Click Tracking system, every visitor who clicks on the ads that we display in your parked domain, they are automatically calculated and displayed in your account under the Click Tracking option.

ParkZona also has a system for the sale of domains, you can park domains, in these domains that you park there is also a contact form. If any visitor wants to buy your domain has the opportunity, to contact you with the contact form that we have set with the following data: Name, Surname, Telephone Number, and Amount. While each offer that is sent to you is displayed in the Domain Offers option, there you can see the offer for your domain. You can then contact the buyer by email or phone number.

While here you have an article on Wikipedia about what is domain parking.


We have also set up the google analytics system, you can set the Tracking Code, and view visitors to google analytics in real-time. This option is located in Park Domains, below you have the option to set the Tracking Code. 

How to park domains on ParkZona?

1. First click on the Park Domain option> Add Domain> Above the text Add Domain then copy these two name servers: 

And place them on the name server in your domain, in whichever domain registrar you have, then the domain connects to the name server after a few hours and the ads appear domains you have parked. 

If you have problems and do not know how to park you can contact us by email at